Installing Non-Erlang Dependencies

At the moment the dependencies are a bit of a guddle.

You will need to install:

(There is a json pretty printer in the toolchain which require Python)

You need to install some node modules:

sudo npm install -g escodegen
sudo npm install -g esparse-cl2
sudo npm install -g source-map

Installing LuvvieScript

The intention is to make it easier for non-Erlang programmers to join in this project. As a result it is written in Literate Erlang and not plain Erlang.

Literate Erlang is designed to work better in GitHub - the source code is properly readable - it is basically Erlang embedded inside Markdown.

Please see the README of Literate Erlang.

There are still some glitches which mean its a bit cumbersome and not working fully to snuff at the mo. As the project continues these will be ironed out and detailed documentation will be built into the code.

At the moment the literate Erlang toolchain is a bit immature, and we are using a bundled version not the GitHub one!. Bear with!

First Time

LuvvieScript is installed from github as so:

git clone

Having installed it you need to pull down its dependencies by running the rebar command in the root directory where you have cloned it:

cd luvviescript/
rebar get-deps

Once the dependencies are pulled down we are ready to start compiling.

To get started run:

rebar first_time
rebar compile
rebar compile_literate
rebar compile skip_deps=true

(The rebar pluging first_time just sets up the environment the first time it is run.)

This will generate the erlang source files that can be compiled. The best way to develop literate Erlang (at the moment) is to then copy the src/*.erl files and include/*.hrl files into the src_md/.erl/ and include_md/.hrl directories.

Normal Build Process

You can then edit the Erlang sources in src_md/.erl and include_md/.hrl and build as so:

rebar make_luvv

(The file runs a rebar plugin called markup which converts the erlang files to markdown - which are then compiled back to erlang… It seems like a bit round-the-houses but the purpose is to make a GitHub project that is easier for non-Erlang developers to join, bear with! bear with!).

To make tests you run:

rebar make_tests
rebar ct skip_deps=true

Remember to commit the changes as src_md/!

Start Contributing

You can then read about the toolchain and get started.

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