What Is LuvvieScript?

LuvvieScript is Erlang that compiles to Javascript - it is a lightweight, actor-based DOM scripting language for use in web browsers.

What Are Actors?

The Actor model is a programming technique where units of concurrency share no state and communicate by sending each other messages. These units of concurrency are properly called processes (and not threads).

Why Is It Called LuvvieScript?

Most speakers of English have American English as their first dialect. In Blighty the word luvvie is slang for actor - allegedly from their habit of not knowing anyone's name and referring to everyone as darling or luvvie. And if I come across another project called somethingerl I will scream, I swear it

Why Do You Have Pirated Pictures Of Elizabeth Taylor?

So that the fat cat lawyers who manage her estate will sue us - the entrepreneurs dream!

How Can I Stay Abreast Of Developments?

Follow @luvviescript or @gordonguthrie on Twitter.

If you have read this far you should follow @LuvvieScript or @gordonguthrie on Twitter.

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