Hey JS/Node Developers!

Did you know that Erlang was a big influence on the design of Node.js?

LuvvieScript is a compile-to-JavaScript dialect of Erlang that runs in the browser. It is a small but interesting early-stage project that will challenge preconceptions about how one should structure large JavaScript applcations. Exploring LuvvieScript will provide deep insight into different ways to think about Javascript apps.

It's an open source project, so feel free to install LuvvieScript join us and get started! Don't worry, you don't need to be an Erlang guru :-) You can jump right in and see how we are transpiling Erlang to JavaScript.

Erlang In The Browser

LuvvieScript is designed to deliver the simplicity of Erlang's message passing and pattern-matching paradigm to the developers of large scale web systems. LuvvieScript is a front-end langauge that works seamlessly with high-availability Erlang server clusters for fast and powerful web development. LuvvieScript is perfectly suited for DevOps and environments concerned with continuous integration/continuous deployment.

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